As a Home inspector, I have a lot of ground to cover. Every reasonable, visible inch of a home is evaluated from top to bottom, and then I record my findings in a report for a real estate agent or another client. It’s an important job, which is why solid training is critical.

6 Areas Home Inspector’s Cover

Exterior                    Interior

Foundation              Electrical

Plumbing                  HVAC

Certified Professional

*Make sure a building is safe, and keep a record of what needs updating
*Give credibility to the people selling the house
*Get the new buyers know if anything needs to be repaired

A Home Inspector You Can Count On

There are numerous Home Inspection companies you can choose from.  Why choose Townsend Home Inspection?

Colene has the reputation of being thorough and customer service oriented. She is a Licensed and Insured Home Inspector that will make sure your Home Inspection is done right from top to bottom.

Looking to buy a home? Before you go any further in your negotiations, make sure the home is inspected by a 3rd party like Townsend Home Inspection. Colene will make sure that you are getting what you pay for……and making sure that you know the repairs that need to be done prior to negotiating the cost of the home.

If you are a prospective buyer, you can feel confident making an informed decision about the biggest investment you may ever make, thanks to a thorough and reliable inspection with Townsend Home Inspection.